DRBC Family-

We will be having our Christmas Eve service at 5:00pm on Saturday. The service will last about an hour and is a great time for family and friends to hear about the good news of Jesus our Savior.

This Sunday is Christmas. We will be having our main service at 10:45am as normal.

We will not be having the 9:30 Foundations / Children’s Ministry Hour

We will also not be having childcare during the main service. This is so that no one needs to get up Christmas morning and watch over someone else’s kids for the glory of God. Rather, everyone will get to enjoy the service with the entire church family.

We are planning for the Sunday AM service to be slightly shorter than normal. All the elements will be the same, including the Lord’s Supper, but we will aim to be more succinct while not being rushed at all.

This includes what I hope to be…wait for it…a 40 minute sermon. Peter once walked on water, so this too is possible. Though I’m hoping I don’t sink before the end.

We are also doing all we can to try to have the TV in the rear foyer working with a live feed in the event that any kiddos need to enjoy the sermon time out there.

If you have any encouragement about this, feel free to email me. If you have any complaints, please email them to John Henderson. 🙂

God Bless and Merry Christmas-