Date Sermon Title/Passage Preacher
2021-09-05 Curse and Confrontation in God’s Work (Nehemiah 13) Jason Seville
2021-09-12 Witnesses of the Risen Jesus (Acts 1:1-11) Garrett Kell
2021-09-19 Apostles of the Risen Jesus (Acts 1:12-26) Garrett Kell
2021-09-26 The Church’s First Sermon (Acts 2:1-41) Garrett Kell
2021-10-03 The Marks of a True Church: Devoted to Teaching (Acts 2:42-47) Garrett Kell
2021-10-10 The Marks of a True Church: Breaking of Bread (Acts 2:42-47) Brian Davis
2021-10-17 The Marks of a True Church: Prayers and Awe (Acts 2:42-47) Brian Davis
2021-10-24 The Marks of a True Church: Sharing and Caring (Acts 2:42-47) Jason Seville
2021-10-31 The Marks of a True Church: Praise and Conversion (Acts 2:42-47) Jason Seville
2021-11-07 True Treasure and the Times of Refreshing (Acts 3:1-26) Jason Seville
2021-11-14 Suffering for the Sake of the Name (Acts 4:1-31) Garrett Kell
2021-11-21 Generosity, Judgement, and Glory (Acts 4:32-5:16) Garrett Kell
2021-11-28 Persecution and the Power of God (Acts 5:17-42) Jason Seville
2021-12-05 Dangerous Divisions and Deacon’s Service (Acts 6:1-7) Brian Davis
2021-12-12 A Sermon That Will Get You Killed (Acts 6:8-7:60) Garrett Kell
2021-12-19 Persecution: God’s Church Growth Program (Acts 8:1-8) Garrett Kell
2021-12-26 TBD (TBD) Brian Davis




Date Sermon Title/Passage Preacher
2021-09-05 Outdo One Another in Showing Honor (Romans 12:10) Josh Hart
2021-09-19 Serve One Another (Galatians 5:13-14) Justin Hughes
2021-10-17 Instruct One Another (Romans 15:14) Danny Falcone
2021-11-07 Bear With One Another (Colossians 3:13) Patrick Traylor
2021-11-21 TBD (TBD) Eric Pelletier
2021-12-19 Encourage and Build Up One Another (1 Thessalonians 5:11) Ben Brophy