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Many today consider the Bible’s views on sexuality to be outdated. Suggesting that God has particular designs for sex and attraction can seem narrow-minded and unloving. But is that true?

Is God homophobic? How should the church relate with those who experience same-sex attraction? How does the Gospel teach us to approach these questions with both grace and truth?

Author and pastor Sam Allberry joined us for a special evening seminar to discuss these and other important questions.


Main Session: Sam Allberry: The Gospel and Same-Sex Attraction

Testimony: Heather Barwick

Q&A Panel: Sam Allberry, John Henderson, & a member of Del Ray Baptist Church


Sam Allberry

Sam Allberry
Sam Allberry has been a pastor at St Mary’s Church, Maidenhead, UK since 2008. Prior to that he worked as the pastor for students at St Ebbe’s Church, Oxford, UK. His passion is helping people understand the significance and wonder of biblical truth. He is the author of Is God Anti-Gay?



Heather Barwick
Heather Barwick is a wife and mother who was raised in a home with two ladies she called “mom.” Heather will share her story and insights about how to relate to those whom you deeply love yet disagree with on intimate issues.



John Henderson
John heard the proclamation of the gospel at a young age and, by God’s grace, came to trust in Jesus Christ. He has an undergraduate degree in psychology from Texas A&M University and graduate degrees from the University of North Texas in Counseling Psychology. Prior to coming to Del Ray, John served as a counseling pastor at Denton Bible Church for 14 years. During those years he ministered to families, led yearly biblical counseling training for the congregation, and helped supervise counselors in a local counseling center. John and his wife Ruth were married in 2000 and have been blessed with five children.