Why We Give

We give generously as an expression of our love for the Lord and thankfulness for what He has done for us in Christ. This is one of the ways that we worship and obey Him, and it is the responsibility of every church member (See 1 Corinthians 16:2, 2 Corinthians 8-9). We also give to further Gospel ministry in and around our church, and throughout the world.

For a simple, clear, and straightforward statement from the DRBC elders regarding the topic of giving and how to honor the Lord and support His work in and through DRBC, please see our Shepherd Statement on giving.


How to Give

Online Giving

You have the option of giving by debit card or by e-check. DRBC incurs a 2.15% processing fee plus $.30 per debit card transaction, and DRBC incurs a $.30 fee (and no additional percentage fee) per e-check (ACH) transaction. You will be given the option of including the processing fee with your transaction. For questions about online giving, please contact the church office (info@drbc.org)

Please note: The elders strongly encourage you to use ACH if you do choose to give online because the transaction processing fees for debit cards are significantly higher. More of your money will go to the support of gospel ministry with the lower ACH transaction processing fees. Lastly, you will see an option to cover the transaction fees for both debit card and ACH. If you are financially able to do so, please prayerfully consider covering that cost to spare the church the expense. If not, you will still be able to give online, though your tax-deductible gift will exclude the fee.




Cash & Checks

Option 1) Mail a check, payable to Del Ray Baptist Church (100% of your donation goes to DRBC).

Del Ray Baptist Church
2405 Russell Rd.
Alexandria, VA 22301

Option 2) Give by dropping a cash or a check into the donation boxes in the Main Hall on Sunday mornings. (100% of your donation goes to DRBC.)



If you would like to donate stock or other securities please contact or have your broker contact the church office, and they will put you in contact with someone who can help you (treasurer@drbc.org).