Date Topic Teacher
June 6 The Task, Tools, & Posture of the Apologist Ben Robin
June 13 Can we trust the Bible? Jason Seville
June 20 How did we get the Bible? Jason Seville
June 27 Did Jesus rise from the dead? Jason Seville
July 4 Does God exist? Ben Robin
July 11 If God exists, why is there evil? Ben Robin
July 18 Is Jesus the only way? Ben Robin
July 25 How do I know whose interpretation is correct? Patrick Traylor
August 1 What about violence in the Bible? Ben Robin
August 8 What about abuses in the church? Ben Brophy
August 15 What about Christianity & LGBT+? Ben Brophy
August 22 What about Christianity & Science? Russell Balikian
August 29 What about all the stuff we didn’t cover? Q&A Panel



Date Topic Teacher
June 6 What is Discipleship? Bill Deckert
June 13 Discipleship in the Local Church Bill Deckert
June 20 Corporate Gathering as Discipleship Chris Disch
June 27 Discipleship and Evangelism Mercury Payton
July 4 Forming Discipling Relationships Brett Lewis
July 11 How to Disciple Someone Bill Deckert
July 18 Discipleship Tools Brett Lewis
July 25 Common Barriers to Discipleship Bill Deckert
August 1 Discipleship and Spiritual Disciplines Brett Lewis
August 8 Discipleship and Sin Chris Disch
August 15 Discipling Hurting People Danny Falcone
August 22 Dangers in Discipleship Joey Guikema
August 29 The Aim of Discipleship Chris Disch



Date Topic Teacher
June 6 Introduction: An Untapped Gospel Opportunity Dan Mackett
June 13 Spirit-filled Work, Part 1 (Love, Joy, Peace, Patience) Dan Mackett
June 20 Spirit-filled Work, Part 2 (Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Self-control) Russell Balikian
June 27 Thorns in Gospel Work, Part 1 (Pride, Fear of Man, Apathy) Dan Mackett
July 4 Thorns in Gospel Work, Part 2 (Self-exultation, Power, Money) Justin Hughes
July 11 Praying Without Ceasing in Work Eric Butterbaugh
July 18 Managing Time Before and After Work for His Glory Dan Mackett
July 25 Evangelism at Work: Building Relationships, Asking Questions, and Sharing the Gospel Dan Mackett
August 1 Seeking Christ’s Wisdom at Work Jerry Liang