Q1 | January – March

CLASS 1 | Bible Interpretation | Chapel

Date Topic Teacher
2023-01-08 What is the Bible For? Chris Disch
2023-01-15 What is the Bible? God’s True Word Dave Sutton
2023-01-22 What is the Bible? God’s Sufficient Word Mercury Payton
2023-01-29 What is the Bible? God’s Clear Word Eric Pelletier
2023-02-05 What is the Bible? God’s Authoritative Word James Nelson
2023-02-12 What is the Bible? God’s Necessary Word Nick Na
2023-02-19 What is the Whole Bible About? Seeing Jesus in Every Part Zach Mayle
2023-02-26 What is the Bible’s Story? The Metanarrative Bryson Thomas
2023-03-12 How Does the Story Unfold? Part 2: The Covenants Bryson Thomas
2023-03-19 Seeing the Story Unfold: God’s Kingdom Justin Hughes
2023-03-26 Seeing the Story Unfold: God’s Presence Andrew Ferguson

CLASS 2 | How People Change | Fellowship Hall

Date Topic Teacher
2023-01-08 Here’s Where God is Taking You Danny Falcone
2023-01-15 So, You’re Married to Christ Danny Falcone
2023-01-22 Change is a Community Project Danny Falcone
2023-01-29 Life as God Sees it, Change as God Does it Danny Falcone
2023-02-05 Heat 1 – The Real God in the Real World Cody Montgomery
2023-02-12 Heat 2 – The Real You in the Real World Danny Falcone
2023-02-19 Thorns 1 – What Entangles You? Danny Falcone
2023-02-26 Thorns 2 – Why Do You Get Entangled? Jason Engler
2023-03-05 Cross 1 – New Identity and New Potential Danny Falcone
2023-03-12 Cross 2 – The Cross and Daily Living Cody Montgomery
2023-03-26 Fruit 1 – Real Heart Change (audio not available) Danny Falcone
2023-04-02 Fruit 2 – New and Surprising Fruit Jason Engler

Q2 | April – June

CLASS 1 | Reading & Interpreting the Bible (continued)

Date Topic Teacher
2023-04-02 Seeing the Story Unfold: Priest & Sacrifice Ottavio Palombaro
2023-04-09 Seeing the Story Unfold: Sabbath Adam Martin
2023-04-16 How to Read Each Passage: The 3 Horizons Zach Mayle
2023-04-23 How to Read & Understand OT Historical Narrative Mark Kiefer
2023-04-30 How to Read & Understand Old Testament Law Lael Weinberger
2023-05-07 How to Read & Understand the Prophets Bryson Thomas
2023-05-14  How to Read & Understand the Wisdom Literature  Dave Sutton
2023-05-21 How to Read & Understand the Gospels Dave Wolf
2023-06-28 How to Read & Understand the Epistles James Nelson
2023-06-04 Resolving “Hard” Texts & Apparent “Contradictions” Russell Balikian
2023-06-11 How to Read & Understand Apocalyptic Literature Cody Volkers
2023-06-18 Teaching Others to Read the Bible Dan Mackett

CLASS 2 | Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands

Date Topic Teacher
2023-04-02 Do We Really Need Help? Danny Falcone
2023-04-09 The Heart is the Target Danny Falcone
2023-04-16 Understanding Your Heart Struggle  Danny Falcone
2023-04-23  Following the Wonderful Counselor Danny Falcone
2023-04-30 Love 1: Building Relationships in Which
God’s Work Will Thrive 
Jason Engler
2023-05-07 Love 2: Building Relationships in Which
God’s Work Will Thrive
Danny Falcone
2023-05-14 Know 1: Getting to Know People;
Discovering Where Change is Needed
(audio not available)
Cody Montgomery
2023-05-21 Know 2: Getting to Know People;
Discovering Where Change is Needed
Danny Falcone
2023-05-28 Speak 1: Speaking the Truth in Love Cody Montgomery
2023-06-04 Speak 2: Speaking the Truth in Love  Danny Falcone
2023-06-11 Do 1: Applying Change to Everyday Life Jason Engler
2023-06-18 Do 2: Applying Change to Everyday Life Danny Falcone

Q3 | July – September

CLASS 1 | Anthropology & Sin

Date Topic Teacher
2023-07-09 The Origin of Man Bryson Thomas
2023-07-16 Man as the Image of God Dave Sutton
2023-07-23 Man as Male & Female Danny Falcone
2023-07-30 The Composition of Man, Part 1:
Body & Soul
Cody Montgomery
2023-08-06 The Composition of Man, Part 2:
Intellect, Conscience, & Will
Zach Mayle
2023-08-13 The Destiny of Man James Nelson
2023-08-20 The Origin of Sin Bryson Thomas
2023-08-27 The Spread of Sin Lael Weinberger
2023-09-03 The Nature of Sin Dave Wolf
2023-09-10 Actual Sins, Part 1: Anger Dan Mackett
2023-09-17 Actual Sins, Part 2: Covetousness (audio not available) Garrett Kell
2023-09-24 The Punishment of Sin Dave Sutton

CLASS 2 | Discipleship

Date Topic Teacher
2023-07-09 What is Discipleship? Dan Mackett
2023-07-16 Discipleship in the Local Church Andrew Talone
2023-07-23 Corporate Gathering as Discipleship Cody Volkers
2023-07-30 Discipleship & Evangelism (reduced to 30min) Mercury Payton
2023-08-06 Forming Discipling Relationships (reduced to 30min) Jason Engler
2023-08-13 How to Disciple Someone Garrett Kell
2023-08-20 Common Difficulties in Discipleship Mark Kiefer
2023-08-27 Discipleship and Spiritual Disciplines Josh Hart
2023-09-03 Discipleship & Sin Chris Disch
2023-09-10 Discipleship through Missions Cody Montgomery
2023-09-17 Discipling Hurting People Danny Falcone
2023-09-24 The Aim of Discipleship Nick Na

Q4 | October – December

CLASS 1 | Evangelism

Date Topic Teacher
2023-10-01 The God who Saves Nick Na
2023-10-08 The Gospel of God Sam Houston
2023-10-15 Prayer in Evangelism Dan Mackett
2023-10-22 Proclaiming and Portraying the Gospel Josh Hart
2023-10-29 Evangelism as a Church James Nelson
2023-11-05 Starting Conversations Garrett Kell
2023-11-12 Testimony in Evangelism Bryson Thomas
2023-11-19 Evangelism in the Family Eric Butterbaugh
2023-11-26 Evangelizing Neighbors Cody Montgomery
2023-12-03 Evangelism While Traveling Dan Mackett
2023-12-10 Evangelism and Spiritual Warfare Garrett Kell
2023-12-17 Urgency and Patience Jason Seville

CLASS 2 | Parenting (8 weeks) & Finances (4 weeks)

Date Topic Teacher
2023-10-01 A Biblical Vision of the Family Mercury Payton
2023-10-08 Redeeming the Time: Using Time Wisely Eric Pelletier
2023-10-15 Repenting Well: Sins Common to Parents Dave Sutton
2023-10-22 Obedience and the Heart Andrew Ferguson
2023-10-29 Intentional Instruction Dave Sutton
2023-11-05 Parenting for Teen Years Josh Hart
2023-11-12 Parenting and Discipline Jason Seville
2023-11-19 Family Culture: Mission, Rhythms, & Memories Garrett Kell
Date Topic Teacher
2023-11-26 Financial Foundations:
Delights & Dangers with God’s Resources
Mike Icardi
2023-12-03 A Spirit of Stewardship & Implementing Budgets Justin Hughes
2023-12-10 Giving: Cultivating Generosity Eric Pelletier
2023-12-17 Spending, Debt, Earning, & Saving Ben Hamilton